Borefts 2018 10 for 10

Ok anyone who was at all ten (well 9 and going this year) interested in a Tshirt .

Beer mail me.


are the people from this thread that seem to be tagable

But if you know anyone on RB been to previous 9 please let the know

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I might get an even more limited edition shirt pointing out that I will have made 9/10, oh yes… It will much better than yours.

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Anyone making a 0/10 shirt? :umbrella:

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Yes of course I am interested. Proud of it too. Last year really was touch and go.

My favourite beer festival of the year. So many good people to meet and so well run and just sheer fun.

Oh and the beer is pretty good too.

Sounds like fun!

Time to fix that first digit!

Definitely interested!

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Interested yes.

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Same here I think. We’d just gone to the US in September 2009.

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Shit. I need an 8/10 shirt. Been every year since I joined RB though :wink:


I’m in. Although I’ll probably have to wear my volunteer shirt. (I still have all the volunteershirts, but they introduced that only after 2 or 3 editions).

That sounds perfect as long as they’re in Roman numerals; we can get two and I’ll just rip the five off of mine :joy: