Bourbon County prices

What are the bottles going for in your area? I’ve seen the regular and vanilla around here for $13 and 22. Seems like a couple more than the last couple of years.

I bought a bottle of regular for $9.99 in Kansas City.

Did not see any variants.

Tasted ok.

On the FB. Some place in Chicago
Just the regular BCBS available to me. $9.99

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20 euro in the netherlands.

$11.66 this year at one store, I haven’t checked any others. Almost 2 bucks more than last year.

£20 in the UK (via an ABInBev owned shop), just the standard one as far as I know. No idea if any will make it to independent shops here, probably not.

$11.99 at Publix supermarket in Winter Garden Florida

20€ in France. Ouch.

My local HyVee still had 1 out of 2 cases left as of today from Friday. Grabbed me 1 17oz bottle at $8.99

$15.98 at a local bodega in Brooklyn.

$10.49 at another store.

The Brand Midnight Orange variant is at Half Barrel Beer Project for $25. ($23 to go) Ouch