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But yeah, this has been a hot topic in the states for a few months now.

Anyone that thinks sexism and racism are not a problem in the craft industry (and, honestly, the larger service industry in general) is being willfully blind.


Yeah there was a while #metoo moment in the beer industry a few months ago. Tired Hands, Modern Times, Evil Genius and Hill Farmstead all had accusations amongst others.

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Really? RateBeer is barely relevant these days but going out of your way to make this place less welcoming is shitty.


Yep…the thread title neatly illustrating the problem there…



Sorry I’m not PC enough for you all.



FWIW, my reply was to a now-deleted comment.

It was me. I posted a crude joke that was soon deleted.
Very sorry for the disruption.


Soft target.

Jan from Marble has issued a correction. Essentially she’s been a victim of this trial by social media without any evidence but where the accused is always guilty:

There is/was a total of one female head brewer in Asheville, beer city USA. She just left. Though I didn’t hear it was the result of anything but opportunity.

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