Seems like a nice girl

Her friend has been on the site since the summer, where are ‘the filth filter police’?


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So, we have over 700K users? LOL

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And she rated zero beers in that time??? For shame!


@solidfunk is heading to India soon I’m sure he’d love to hang with fellow enthusiast.


Maybe she only want to hang out with friends. You mus probably friend her first.
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Thankfully, the account was following another similar account. Locked out.

Sent a BM already. She can show me around

I think she’s part of RB’s diversification into new areas to attract more new users?

Never pass by a good beer and a nice girl. Give her credit.

I hear her gender is liquid, like beer. :smiley: