BrewDog Indie Pale Ale V2

UK Admins, I was about to add this as a new beer but just wanted to check that you feel this is the correct way to proceed. For those who aren’t EFPs… James posted about this on the BD forums a few days ago talking about everything they got wrong with the beer, and how they’ve changed it in the second batch.

Specifically, the recipe change is this:

  • changed water profile to reduce sulphur
  • 40kg more Citra in the whirlpool
  • increased IBUs from 30 to 37

Is that substantial enough to warrant a new entry for v2 and up? I’m not so sure myself now. The name and branding and everything are all the same.

P.S. If we do add a separate entry for V2 I’ve got a note ready to copy and paste into the commercial description detailing said change and also mentioning the canning date so people can figure out which one they should put their rating under.

Briefly thought about adding this myself, but decided against it - doesn’t seem distinct enough.

Yes they have tweaked the recipe (because it was bland), but this is still marketed the same and would be difficult to differentiate between the 1st version. More of a second batch than new entry.

What about the thousand other beers that they fucked up?

If they call it v2 on the front of the cans etc then I guess it’s new in RB terms. Otherwise just a standard recipe tweak same entry jobbie

Cheers for the responses I won’t bother adding it then, I don’t have a new batch can and don’t think I will bother with it, but as far as I’m aware the branding has stayed the same and there’s no visible “v2” moniker on the cans.

Yup, same beer.