Colwyn Bay - Wales

I seems like places in Colwyn Bay are registrated in Gwynedd
But both ratebeer map and google claims it is in Clwyd
Someone has missed this?
Who are admin at the moment?


It’s definitely Clwyd. But as these are places you can just update it yourself.

Yes I can
But it is better to ask. So that I do not make any mistakes

Yes most likely a mistake from when the Welsh counties were first added. Colwyn Bay is in Conwy which according to my Google searching was up until 2003 part of Gwynedd. I suspect whichever one of us changed it back then was going off that old info and hadn’t realised it was now part of Clwyd.

Digging into this a bit more would suggest that Anglesey should be a separate region, it’s not part of Gwynedd, and Wild Horse brewery should be moved to Clwyd as Llandudno is considered part of that ‘preserved county’?

While Anglesey is its own county, we used the “preserved counties” as the basis of the split, and Anglesey is given as being in Gwynedd there. I don’t think we’d want further splits for Wales anyway to be honest.

As for Wild Horse you’re right, looking at the map Llandudno is well within the boundaries of Clwyd. It’s the same case as Colwyn Bay in that it was previously in Gwynedd. I’ve updated this, which I suspect has dealt a heavy hit to some of our Gwynedd rates. Well, mine anyway :confused:

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Yeah, the map for Gwynedd via a ‘preserved counties’ link didn’t include Anglesey but I see it’s included in the list. Just to potentially bugger up more Gwynedd rates for people, Conwy Brewery shoud be Clwyd as well :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Wow. So moving Conwy Brewery to Clwyd has caused a massive shake up on the Gwynedd leaderboard, where raters now need a mere 6 ticks to get into the top 50


Note to self: find, drink & RATE as many Purple Moose beers as you can!


Interestingly this is now my Welsh region, I’m in Flintshire but thats part of South clywyd