Extracting ratings

I overheard a while ago that it’s possible to extract all your ratings on Ratebeer somehow. Is this still the case and how does it work?

Pay to be a Premium Member and then essentially just click a couple of buttons.

Why do “they” still need our money?? The benefits of premium membership should be free now, eh?


What form does this extraction take though, does it automatically create a spreadsheet? Will I need Excel or something similar to be able to work with it? Does it just extract the reviews or beer style, country, etc. for each beer as well? Oh, and how much is premium membership?


You export your ratings as CSV files with some choices in formatting. Those you can import in a spreadsheet if you choose so.

It extracts the beer name, id, brewery, your score, your review, country, city, state, style.

Unfortunately not abv and not a brewery id so it can get a bit messy when the brewery name changes.