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Just been to the Bridgnorth CAMRA festival and had two ciders from ‘Bridgnorth’. Can’t find much information about either, so as yet un-added.

Stanmore Farm, Bridgnorth; Orchard Gold Vintage.

Cider House, Bridgnorth; Mango Fruit Cider.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who fancies a bit of delving.


Shropshire Cider Orchard Gold • RateBeer
▷ SHROPSHIRE CIDER COMPANY LIMITED, Craven Arms (cylex-uk.co.uk)
Previous Address: Stanmore Farm Stanmore Bridgnorth WV15 6DU England

Cider House Mango - The Special Cider Company - Untappd
made by The Special Cider Company - Bridgnorth, Shropshire - Untappd not on RateBeer

Cider House buy keg and bottled cider from Weston’s and put their own label on it.

Shropshire Cider Company share the same address as Cider House aka The Special Cider Company.

Photos from their FB in 2019 show them taking delivery of apples for pressing natural cider. I suspect two companies exist for tax purposes. Have never even heard of them before today so assume it’s a resurrected business.

The Special Cider Company website has Cider House Special,

The about section says “Brother and sister Peter Jervis and Julia Jacksons’ parents have owned The Cider House in Quatt, Shropshire, since 1986. Their parents became fampreneurs themselves over 30 years ago, when they bought the pub outright during the era of brewery sell-offs.”
and “But as we’ve attended more and more high profile events with our mobile bar business, including Silverstone and music concerts, it’s become apparent that there was potential to take it to larger audience through commercial bottling and marketing that could reach pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and specialist retailers across the country. And so, The Special Cider Company was born.”

On companies house it was Incorporated on 29 September 2016. The earliest rating on Untappd goes back to 25 April 2017.

Just to add companies house lists The Special Cider Company as “46342 - Wholesale of wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages” rather than a manufacturer. Their website says “Cider House Special premium cider has been made using our unique recipe specifically for the Cider House Quatt since around 1976” so the cider is made by someone else (probably Westons from Mat’s info)

Yeah, I guess that everything started as the Cider House, which had cider made for it somewhere.

In 2013, probably, the owner (Brian Jervis) started up the Shropshire Cider Co, at Stanmore Farm - part of the Dudmaston Estate seemingly, and cider is actually made there I guess.

In 2016, The Special Cider Company was created, I guess to market the Cider House ciders - made for the Cider House initially, the TSSC is owned by 2 of his children (Peter and Julia mentioned above) and I guess their partners or something. Its location is in the Stanmore industrial zone. Likely no production. They seem to handle distribution as well for other brands.

The newest addresses of the companies are linked are accountants’ addresses.

In 2018 or so, Brian probably retired and what seems to be either his youngest child or grandson, Sam, took over Cider House iself and Shropshire Cider Co. And Lion O’Morfe btw. The bars in tandem with a Paula Jane, another daughter or daughter-in-law.

So, yeah, seems to be all in the family, but separate. Also, absolutely love @minutemat 's review of Cider House :smiley: Hope the place got better again!

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ha ha … great review

I actually tried to give it a like … didnt work … let’s scroll past … bigger functionality fish to fry than that !

I try not to be so negative anymore in reviews. Everyone’s just trying to make it work and get to the end of the tunnel somehow. This was in 2016, so happy to visit again and correct if necessary.

I reference Weston’s as their own cider is distributed in Weston’s kegs, and it bears a familiar sweetness anyone will recognise from Weston’s.

Quite intrigued as to what the Shropshire Cider tastes like. ISO.

Also, Lion o Morphe is a lovely country Shropshire pub… full of enigmatic farmer locals. Worth a visit if in the area.

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Yeah, likewise, unless they are being assholes to me / other customers, trying to rip me off and so on. I’ve recently updated a place review after I had a great customer experience at a place I had had a 1/10 experience at several years earlier. :smiley:

I just say it how it is

And yes … if I revisit a stinker I will update

But what is more useful is revisiting a good bar that has dipped … this is particularly relevant post lockdown.

There’s not enough place ratings on here (aside from score only irrelevance) and people rarely revisit.

I’ve tried to make an effort on this post lockdown … not to slag anyone off … but to make for a realistic picture where places were once 20 taps and are now 10 or 12.

This was my last (and rare for me) shit rating!

Browar Złoty Pies • RateBeer

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OK, but I’ve added Cider House as a Cidery and left the Special Cider Company as it was.


Cider House is a pub, no cider is made there as far as I’m aware. It’s all bought in and rebadged.