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FEATURE REQUEST: Adding tags while adding beer

Would it be possible to let us add tags to a beer when we add it into the system? Was just adding a maibock and grisette and thinking how easy it would make things on the tag site to get these not-quite styles appropriately sectioned off in some sense if there was a possibility in the add new beer function. Could add stuff like hop variety etc pretty easily as well this way.


Yeah we really need this. But did you noticed on the new beer page they’ve removed the ability to add tags from there, so who knows what’s going on with it. Hopefully it’ll be reinstated but if not then I doubt we’ll see it from the add beer page either.


@solidfunk found it!

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Bump @Marko
I add hundreds of beers every year. I never add tags because it takes like three extra steps.

I would add tags if I were able to add tags when I add new beers. Is this change a difficult one to make?

I believe it would make tags much more relevant, as many people don’t add tags because it’s annoying, and many people don’t use tags because at least in many necks of the woods, they aren’t well populated.

Ya, beat me to it.

Moved it to the right board and edited the title.

@services just one to keep track of. As someone who adds hundreds and hundreds of beers I agree with the sentiment.


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