Fosters Lager US

I saw some discussion of this in various parts of various threads of the forums but I’ve been looking at the US version of Foster’s lager brewed by Molson Coors. I went ahead and created a foster’s US version under Molson Coors. I think that you would definitely want it to be a US tick and not an Australia tick. Thoughts?

This will likely be deleted.

It is commonplace for macro breweries from far away to contract brew closer to the states. Let’s take Japan for example. Sapporo is brewed in Canada, Kirin by AB in WA, and Asahi in Italy.

On the site, we typically don’t distinguish unless it is clear the brewery considers them different products (which macro brewers don’t want to do, they want consumers thinking it’s an import).

I’ll let some other folks chime in but I wouldn’t expect the entry to stay.

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Let me be the tedious Australian to point out that Fosters is not and never has been a popular beer here.


This was probably something that was conveyed to me in my first conversation with an Australian when I was 14 (during the heyday of Foster’s adverts on TV).


Haha, we had those adverts in the UK too. “He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian.” :australia::beers:

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Funny thing is that Molson Coors set up a shell brewery for this called “Oil Can Brewery”

Fosters is known around here as ‘Skippy Piss’ and isn’t popular.