Free Beer, Meme this

Free box of local Colorado beers

Name/caption one or bothl these photos as memes. Enter as often as you’d like. Winner chose on friday.


International OK

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Chipmunk appreciation day!

I love you. Just wish I was funny.


Not sure why pic won’t show, I suck


If you continue to have problems, BM me what you want the picture to say and I can post it on your behalf…

I’d appreciate that, too. Being a luddite, and all…

Can do. I’ll take care of it tomorrow! Just don’t delete your phrases or if you do, BM them to me…wish I could have my high school info tech students make them for me but for some crazy reason, my administration just might not approve of that lesson. :rofl:

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Because the page says:
The creator of this image made it private.


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Submission for WEIHENWEIZEN

Submission for JOW

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Sorry for the delay, been busy. Weihenweizen send me your shipping info. I like yours best by a nose,

Looks like it is the second contest he wins - well done @weihenweizen !