From which country that you have never been to have you rated the most beer?

Norway with 144 beers is the top for me.

No idea what would be next!


Above from 2018 and glad to say I managed to get to both Estonia and Finland later in 2018, easy to tick both countries off in the visit. So now leaves…

2nd place USA #4399 beers
12th place Italy #301 beers
18th place Russia #101 beers


A couple of years later, it’s:

:estonia: Estonia (#18 on my list, 112 ratings)
:finland: Finland (#24 on my list, 64 ratings)
:latvia: Latvia (#25 on my list, 63 ratings)

I’m up to 19 countries with 100+ ratings now. Haven’t been to either Lithuania or Japan, just enjoying the ever-improving selection of Dutch bottleshops.

I’ve only had 4 rates from Japan or Lithuania since this last post, which makes me a little sad. Japan wouldn’t even be on this list if it weren’t for this pandemic cancelling my wedding and honeymoon plans.


More than a hundred beers from Germany, never been there. OTOH I have been to Mozambique, never rated any beers from there.



America 953 - I’ve been close thou whilst taking a train from Toronto to Montreal it went almost parallel to the river which looks to be border too.
Holland - 616 - Been in my plans for decades and I don’t have an excuse why it haven’t materialised. Should do!
Spain - 320 - I’ve done transfer in airport in Barcelona and had 1 alco-free there, but never actually been outside of the airport (besides on bus between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). Anyhow this is gonna be fixed in 2 months. Tickets already bought, 4 days there.
Japan - 182 - Never been in Asia so closest to Japan I’ve been is in Russia which has a border with Japan. I put it here 'cause Spain is gonna drop out soon.

There are also countries I’ve been and drunk beer and done my basic notes, but way before RB even existed: Belgium (993), Denmark (884) and Norway (225) and some others.

Czech Republic (#10 on my country list, 51 ratings)
New Zealand (#14, 38 ratings)
Brazil (#17, 30 ratings
Norway (#18, 27 ratings)
Japan (#24, 14 ratings)

Norway (139)
Estonia (138)
Canada (115)
Russia (91)
Finland (57)

Updating mine with:

Japan with 65
Poland with 40 (weird that this is the same as I had a number of Polish beers since 2018)
Brazil 31 (a bunch are brewed in the US - Spartacus and Japas)
New Zealand with 27
Iceland with 19

Lithuania fell out of the running, and I did make it to Mexico.

USA (453)
England (323)
Scotland (92)
Poland (88) - A neighbour country of Germany, and the only one I’ve never been to.
Sweden (87)

First time I looked at this. My top 5 is this (RateBeer trading partners have helped a lot with most of these).

Sweden (13th with 112)
Ukraine (20th with 100)
Slovenia (21st with 95)
Croatia (22nd with 91)
Romania (25th with 84)

It’s not another stat to chase surely…

Norway for me … 13th most rated country in the lower 200’s in terms of beers rated

England (115), unless you count the hour or so I spent in Heathrow waiting for a connecting flight. If that disqualifies England, then, Italy (52).

Japan too with 21 beers

Norway at 59. Might have been different without Covid as we cancelled a trip in 2020.

This is my original post:

Lithuania with 29 rates and 19th in my list of countries.

Japan next on 20 rates (all beers) and 23rd country on my list.

3rd comes New Zealand at 18 rates and country 24 down the list.

This is my second reply

My list is the same, but the order and number of beers has changed:

New Zealand is now 1st with 38 beers and 19th on my list of countries.

Lithuania next with 36 beers and 23rd down the list of countries.

Japan comes third now, 28 rates (2 of them Sake) and 26th country wise.

Region wise Colorado wins with 81 rates, Oregon and Massachusetts equal second on 52 rates.

22nd September 2022 reply

New Zealand still 1st (17th on my most rated) with 59 rates.

Japan has moved into 2nd place (21st on my list) with 47 rates, 5 of which are Sake.

Lithuania drops to 3rd, still on 36 rates but now my 25th country in rating order.

Regions have moved on but are still in the same order.
Colorado 92, Oregon 59 and Massachusetts hanging on with 52.


Belgium - 107

On the opposite end, for countries I have been to, which has the least…

Austria - 17

Denmark with 130

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We don’t bite :smiley:

“2nd place USA #4399 beers”

Now upto USA #5185 beers - still need to get a trip over there :slight_smile:

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#12 Denmark - 64
#13 Sweden - 53

Was able to check Northern Ireland off my list of visits last year.