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Gran Canaria - Spain

If someone happens to stay in Gran Canaria two first weeks in July, you might see me in action rating places and drinking beer :muscle:

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Have fun, and if you find something, please add it to the list of places. I’ll be there the last two weeks of July, and the places section and selection of available beers right now looks a bit bleak.

Replying to old topic - but hey… it is high season in gran canaria, the scandinavians flock here in the winter months bc the weather is crazy unpleasant up north now.

Gran canaria can be hard to navigate if you crave craft beer.

To find places (and do remember to add them to ratebeer), one method that worked well for me on the greek islands, and also mallorca, which had a lot of action few years back, was to find the odd local craft beer in a supermarket or wine shop, google the craft brewery’s websites and in there, somewhere, some of them kept a list of places where their beer could be bought… then i visited as many of those places as i could, that resulted in several new entries and places, that i would never have found if it was not for those lists. Sometimes both brewery and bar is less than a year old, and often with limited internet representation.

cirkling back to gran canaria, i recommend taking a trip to las palmas one of the first days of the vacation, and then go bottle shopping in el corte ingles. They seem to always have at least 30, sometimes 50 beers that i have not ticked yet, so bring a big rucksack or other means of transportation, and you are set for ticks for the rest of that holiday.

Seems like , right now, maspalomas area ( playa del ingles, maspalomas, san augustin ), only have 2 open beer related places. B2 burgerbar and la ruta. Both are very decent, but it is crazy little, given the size of the area and the number of bars in general. I have not been able to find anything new, perhaps i have not been looking hard enough.

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There are more beer places in Puerto Rico and a great one in Puerto de Mogan.

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Jaira and Galotia are the local craft breweries.

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Going there in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the info

Check out my place ratings for Gran Canaria, I have been «all over» the island.

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Yeah, I’ve already checked all of them and added a couple of places in my itinerary based in your reviews. Very useful info. :hugs:

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Try to find out more about Growls Craft Beer. I do not think they brew themself. I guess their beers are brewed by Viva, maybe all of them are alias beers…

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