Travelling to Malta - tips welcome

Hi all,

I’ll be travelling to Malta from dec 28 till jan 1 for a quick trip. As Ratebeer places is quite … aged on info im open for tips.

Will be staying in the city of Mellieha.

Not been to Malta for years, but I used to like Farsons Hop Leaf and Blue Label beers. I’m sure you’ll find those everywhere on the island. Can’t help with bars, sorry.


I was in Malta for a week in September and these are the places I’ve visited:
Hole in the Wall in Sliema is a small pub with a a few taps (4 or so), and mainly Belgian beers, some obscure Maltese stuff and common UK crafts like Vocation.
67 Kapitali in Valleta has 7 or 8 taps, all of which are Lord Chambray, basically the whole sortiment. Apart from this they have a couple dozen bottles and cans (Maltese stuff, Mikkeller and To Ol mainly when I was there) a few ciders too.
Wild Honey in Valleta is located pretty close to 67 Kapitali, it had similar offerings too. 4 taps if I’m not mistaken, and a couple dozen cans and bottles from Malta, Denmark, and the UK apart from some stuff from Sierra Nevada.
The Crafty Cat in St Julians havent been here, but it’s a verified venue on UT so you can easily check the offerings.