Help - kvas identification

Do any of you know which kvas(s) this is? The international name should be AmbeRye, but I can’t find it on RB. It is on untappd AmbeRye - Lithuania - Untappd , but I am not sure if AmbeRye actually is the name of the brewery, or just the name of this kvas. How is the name (here in cyrillic letters) spelled in Latin letters?

It is also on BeerAdvocate, but with a different brewery. . The name there is what it says on the bottle in Latin letters (a translation), not what it says in Cyrillic letters.

Marko - can you sort this out?

The letters on the red background can be transliterated a number of ways. See below:

The word that begins with an “x” is generally transliterated as khlebniy, but there are also variations

I recall somebody recently asked about this kvass in these forums. Think it was an American user.

I did some searching but couldn’t find anything useful. I’d guess that it’s made by some big Lithuanian brewery and then labelled as AmbeRye.

Might be worth filing under Unknown Origin — Eastern Europe:

As for the name: AmbeRye Derevensky Khlebny Kvas … is how I would do it.

Thanks, I’ve added it here: . If admin can identify the actual brewer, please feel free to change.

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Деревенский. ) not bad

Sorry man, just seeing this now.

Please, in these cases where investigation is needed always put pictures of the entire label (including whatever’s on the back label, especially that in fact).