Note to UK admins

Just some information (I assume more people will notice it here). I moved all the beers contract brewed in Estonia for Flagship Brands under the mother brewer. While Old Boy Mary Jane at first glance may look like actual (contract) brewer in Estonia, it is just a fake brewery by Flagship Brands. The same is true about Viru beers (not to be confused with the beers by brewer Viru in Estonia).

If you have any questions or objections, let me know here or by pm.

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Wonder if this lot should be added under Flagship as well :

Seven Bro7thers appear to be the one ‘real’ brewery?

I guess this is for UK admins to decide? I generally try to put all the “fake brewers” under mothership as they are just something that is printed on the label and not even gypsy brewers.

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