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Just wanted to mention The Crafty Duck in Hertford. I have dropped the name in some of my beer ‘reviews’ (to use the word loosely).
The place is bigger than it looks from the outside and as the name implies the pub sells craft on tap and in bottles/tins but also has two handpumps, although the knock-on from covid is still causing some ale supply problems. The owner welcomes CAMRA members.
Also a shout for several other Hertford boozers, all within walking distance which have a wide variety of ale and definitely worth an afternoon or evening pub crawl if you live in the area. Naturally there are also plenty of McMullens pubs, some of which at least have Rivertown on tap.


We have a place rating section on the site. Maybe add your review of the pub here:


It would help people visiting the area (note that lots of users don’t read these forums).

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Welcome to the forums @fatcarlo !

In addition to reviewing the place as per @YantarCoast’s comment above, when you review a beer the site has functionality allowing you to record the place where you had it - the site then records this on the place page, which is really useful so that other Ratebeerians can see the sorts of beer the venue offers before visiting.

Hope you enjoy the site and keep those beer ratings going!

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Thanks for the pointers, done.


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