Good king henry

Really is Edinburgh the only place to have got this!!

London and Portsmouth.

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But no ones had it and im on my 4th visit

I spotted it was on at the Hop Locker on Friday evening and immediately regretted not having worked in London that day.

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That a new beer then ? I didn’t bother with it when I was there Friday?

Last release I believe.

Someone aded it as new. So i rated ita s new, though i was gonna have it regardless. and been back 3 times since :smiley:

Alan said he should be doing it at grain again.

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The Hop Knocker in Durham has it on also

I added it, it’s now brewed at Grain but as a collab with Alan. Slightly stronger now too. Hasn’t been at my local Grain pub in Ipswich yet as far as I know. The picture I uploaded was from their social media release - was that the pump-clip in Edinburgh @cgarvieuk ?

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I remember reading it was to be brewed at Grain a while back but when I saw it on Friday there was no pump clip and no mention of Grain on the chalk board so I’d clean forgot and scrolled past as I was on limited time !

yeah pub clip was at Monties in Edinburgh.

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Any of the Good Henry Reserve bottles this year are the last batch Alan did at Old Chimney. He mentioned it was in barrels when I chatted with him in late 2018.

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I thought it to be such a special beer that I decided not to alias it to the original, this keeps the original ratings and gives people a chance to compare the Grain Brewery version. I haven’t seen the Grain version yet but at least they are advertising the fact that it is different on their pump clip.


yeah im interested to see what happens over time with the score

I agree! Good idea Glenn.


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I’ve not fallen over yet !

Didn’t kick last weekend so second bite of the cherry for me !

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