I reached 7000 4 days ago... and then I reached 7000 today again

So one of my ratings disappeared / was deleted without message or something was aliased, without message. That shit is still broken. Fuck that.

Also, yay 7000


All part of making RB great again, like i.e. that they are putting their noese into user regular ratings too. I.e. this one from Henrik where he has actually given 2.7 on a Cider that has an average of 2.43.
Ratebber should not comment like that.



Congrats on getting 7k (twice)! And thanks for all your admin work.

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Ay mate!

Congrates on reaching 14000!


There has been an issue with Bush Ambree for a while which meant I had 1 more rate than I should have. It’s taken a while to solve but sorted in the last day or so. Might be the same reason for your 7000 x2.

And congratulations I’m hopping to pass the 7k in the next week or so.


Wha? That “ooh that’s just terrible” is added by the site?

I really, REALLY hope they didn’t put in automatic “comments” based on the score. Especially since pairing “Ooh that’s terrible.” with 2.7 pretty much equates someone without a single fucking clue on how people score here handling that work.


Had the same thought, hence this:

Also this, with a cross reference to the above, because you deserved a proper milestone thread.

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Marko deserves a milestone thread indeed:

Congrat’s @Marko for your 200th rant - oooh, that’s a burn!

You know what’s worst? I hate the fact I have to rant.

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Come and join me on the snark side…