I was going to start a thread about styles but got boredddzzzzzzzzzzz

So i’ve now had 80 different styles. That’s one more that a few days ago.

I have realised over time that I do like a variety of beer styles during a day. I bought 28 pale ales and american pale ales and american india pale ales at GBBF in cans and bottles to drink at home (thanks to BeersIveKnown) and after drinking 3 or 4 in a row, thought, I could really do with something else now just to refresh the palate.
Then I thought I could do a thread on having an Old England New England IPA style like Cloudwater and Verdant which are English versions of a brand new style, but lost heart and remembered the trouble I get into when I post about styles.

Anyway, who cares? I have concluded over the past 2 weeks that I just like to have something new or different just to keep the palate alive and fresh and entertained. Whether that be a sour, a lager, a dark beer, a light beer, a fruit beer, a traditional ale, a mead, a sake, a cider, a tmave, something light, something hoppy, something dark and sticky, something barrel aged, something infused with tea or gin or rosemary.

Enjoy the best time to be alive for beer variety in the history of the world.

Unless of course you don’t like Rosemary, I’m sorry for slipping that one in.

Earlier my main concern was, “Where the fuck do I get a Fruit Wine?”

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I’ve gained two styles as well, was 78 last week, now 80: IPA New England seems to be one and I think Helles and Dortmunder might have been split?

As Ian says, happy days.



Erm, nope. That’s one of the most retarded splits since some of the other imaginary ones.

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Fruit wine is easy, you should be able to pick up cherry Lambrini from most corner off licences.

Sadly Lambrini is a perry (still a tick). However you’ll find Cherry B in 4 packs for something like £1.50 in your local Savers

They split Dortmunder and Helles? Wow. I mean how could most people tell the difference? I suppose like a few styles, there will be some crossover beers.

I’m still missing one Sake style, but otherwise I’m up to date. So if anyone has a Koshu, please let me know.

I suppose my IPA number will go down if some move to the new NE IPA style. Shame as I was trying to get it above Golden Ales before both overtake Bitter as my number 1 style.

Pretty sure cherry lambrini was a wine not a perry though? If its if not, im gonna treat myself to a bottle for the tick!



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Too late for me, Golden Ales have overtaken Bitter as my number One style. Breweries are just not brewing new Bitters anymore and I’ve had most of the old original ones over the years.


Golden ales are bitters! If minor differences in caramelisation of starches made a new style, then Steinbier would be a style, for pity’s sake!

Don’t blame me, it’s the site and the admin guys who decide what style a beer is. I’ve added plenty of ‘Bitters’ over the years and many have been changed to ‘Golden Ales’ by admins.


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Aahhh - yes! I saw Cherry B a while back in a local shitty off-licence and googled it! Assuming it’d be ratable as per Nordic ciders.

Funny enough my split was almost 50/50 in the new styles … 69 of one and 75 of the other !