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Internet-based places and map visibility

So, this issue was pointed out way back when maps were done but nothing was done about it. Not a priority at the time, but still.

Internet-based places are a highly specific thing - they might not have a physical address attached at all, or the official address is not visitable. However, some might, for pickups and for that, a marker miiight be useful. Maps are forced on them whatever the case, leading them either to clutter the 0,0 coordinate or, since they are now visible on maps, adding clutter to the map, potentially even leading people on wild goose chases. They used to be invisible on maps - now for whichever reason they aren’t.

-make them invisible on maps by default - only visible if some “see internet-based/hidden places” option chosen through a map filter
-make an admin-only checkbox on the Place Edit page that makes other places that can’t be given a correct set of coordinates (group entries, chains) invisible - unless the above-mentioned filter is on

Also, maaaybe:
-specific color coded marker for internet stores to set apart from regular stores

Thank you! @services @joet


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