Loka Polly are they even better?

Quick question:

Are Loka Polly even better this year than last?

Certainly for me it got even better. Tried 4 of their beers in the last week or so that are great.

Which breweries do you think are better than ever?

Even better than last year can’t be too difficult to achieve, when previous offerings have been poor to average?
As for improving brewers, I’d go North Brew Co.

Loka Polly are middle of the road for me … so what Garrold says !

Left Handed Giant have been good for me so far this year … definitely upped their hop game !

Yeah kinda agree with Garrold here. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were poor, I’ve enjoyed most of their beers, but have felt they were rather overhyped. With regards to their new “Augment” range I’ve only had one so far - Spur - really nice but hop burn prevented me from rating it above a 4. Got some others in the fridge so we’ll see.

100% agree with North Brew Co though, easily one of my fave breweries now.

As for LHG, always rated these guys well tbh, I pick up most of their releases, but yeah their IPAs and pale ales are on form right now.

I’m in the Chris (Mr_Pink_152) camp, I have always regarded Loka Polly very highly and whilst I haven’t had one for a while, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if they are continuing to improve. On the other hand LHG I have always enjoyed (they’re good) but if truth be told, I feel that they are a tad over hyped.

Yeah I’ve always liked them, even the Black Brook stuff was good on cask in the early days. I agree they seem to be constantly trying to improve their beers, evidently influenced by some of the hazy IPAs coming out of the US, and the recent beers released the last month or so do seem to be taking things up a knotch. Tried an India Saison last night which was very good, nice and light with a lovely smooth sweetness. The Coracle in Ironbridge currently have a tap takeover and a load of cans in the fridge, so will try a few more tomorrow night.

LHG still hit and miss for me. The hits are great, but too many misses to make me spend the money they require to get them

Just had Loka Polly Rosa. That was a fantastic DIPA. I may go back on my “overhyped” comment about them as this actually one lived up to it. Still got 4 more to get through but things are looking good.


My thoughts were based on the Augment range. Only had 4, but really liked 3.

I like Loka Polly, I have not found them outstanding, but I will revise for sure, Rosa sounds good.