Mass Style Changes

Maybe I am going crazy and nothing has changed or I missed some important conversation while on vacation but several beers that I fewed prior to traveling about 2 weeks ago now seem to be different styles than before I left. For example, Blue Pants Pretty sure these were all stouts or sweet stouts a few days ago and now they’re all foreign stouts? I’ve also drank a couple beers that were previously listed as Imperial Porters and now listed as Old Ales, and a stout that is now an english strong ale…and as I go through trying to add beers to my cellar (which I can’t do) several beers seem to have changed style categories? Please feel free to harass me if I am going crazy.

I see what you mean. I am not sure why the original Pinstripe is a Foreign Stout, but it makes sense that the variants either take the main style category or become Fruit Beer, SHV, etc. based on the additives.

So we got new styles three months ago. Some kind of script was supposed to make auto style changes, but that did not happen (or it didn’t to the job very well). Maybe it’s time for a thread where style changes could be reported? I’m willing to got through my beers and report candidates for a style change.

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Don’t know what is happening.
The mass script change never happened, the Beer descriptions seem on hold…
No word from Devs about that since a few months back.

At least RB now has style descriptions as haphazardly applied as does UT…


Wait, you mean to tell me an update was rolled out before it was ready?

I, for one, am shocked.


Well I don’t see why we shouldn’t start cleaning up the database, at least those beers where change of style is obvious and clear.

Agree, at this point it unfortunately seems futile to wait for an automatic style change to happen.

@joet @services - what happened to the proposed mass style changes script?

I have been diligently adding tags to old beers to try to help, is there absolutely no point in me doing this…?

There is also the problem that we do not have a style hierarchy or any style guidelines at this point. If there is a lemongrass Belgian ale, should it be in Belgian Pale Ale or Flavored - Other? Similarly, I am not sure where the cutoff is between Belgian Pale Ale and Belgian Dark Ale, given the presence of so many amber colored ales… etc…

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Exactly my sentiments, however, I have this negative feeling lingering in me that as soon as we do start putting manual effort into it, a new release will be pushed out and it will screw up all the work we’ve done thus rendering all our efforts futile. I want to start making a lot of style changes, but I’m simply afraid to.

This is one of the reasons for care and caution here, however I think we’re pretty stable now.

Thanks so much @wheresthepath. I’ll set converting tags to styles as a priority next week.

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Thanks for the quick reply @joet! I’ll look forward to the changes.

So no script yet?

This is not different from the past, independently from the styles that we have.
For the ones that can fit in 2 styles, the decision is taken based on dominant character. And for the colour one, it doesn’t really matter where you put it.

About guidelines, I posted some unofficial definitions a while back on the document that was used for the new styles, in case it could help.

Yes, I do recall this, but I do not recall there being a consensus or official approval. I apologize if I overlooked either of those two occurences.

No, it was opened for discussion but there’s never been any…

@services @joet we still also have the style page issues of

  1. the 3 meads showing up in both beer and non-beer lists.
  2. sake, cider, mead what I assume are category headers showing up in non-beer list
  3. it says in profile I’ve rated 127 styles but then below 125/126 the one missing the unknown holder style which I feel should be removed and no idea where 127 comes from.
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Converting tags to styles with scripts will inevitably lead to thousands of beers being placed in the wrong category because of wrong tags, misleading tags, the inability to place beers in proper substyles through tags - the script will inevitably mess up a shitton of things that were changed by hand to the correct category, etc.

So, ya. This should’ve been handled by hand and I expect a major clusterfuck and more work from us than we’d have if we were allowed to fix them from the beginning. At least make it not touch any beers edited after the introduction of new styles…