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Meet for beers in UK week of 10 feb - 14 feb?

I’ll be flying into London next week and would love to meet up for beers. This is for RateBeer Best so I will be moving around the country some. I’ll provide those details as soon as they are available. It would be good to see old friends and new ones too.


I’ll be around London that Monday and Tuesday. We can also meet that following weekend in London if you like. Should i just pick a date, say Saturday the 15th at a favorite pub in London? Recommendations? Also, I will announce where I’ll be traveling. Please hit me up if you’d like to meet. I really love talking to everyone out in ratebeeria. It’s my favorite thing

BM sent.

Will you be in the Midlands / Birmingham?

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Ah, I’ll be unable to make the trip after all. Thanks for the invites and I hope to catch you next time!



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