Milan and the area - January

We’re gonna be in Milan between 10.1-14.1. Did my mapping of the city already - is there anything we should be aware of, such as tap takeovers or special events?
Also, we consider taking a day trip somewhere. Everybody recommends the lakes, but it’s January and it’s cold and I’m practically made of sugar, so I’m not sure it’s such a great idea. Having grown up on Edmondo de Amicis’ Cuore, Genova is on my radar. How’s the city beer-wise? Is it an OK destination for a day-trip? Any other recommendations?


You need to go to Lambiczoon and Birrificio Lambrate, these two are top priority in my opinion

Thanks - these 2 are already marked, of course :slight_smile: Any thoughts about Genova?

ear Lambrate Brewery there is The Brew Milano Beershop in via Pacini 39. Eataly Genoa in Calata Cattaneo, 15 (very close to the Acquario / Aquarium of Genoa) for Italian craft and Giangaspero Frutta and Verdura for Italian craft and from Europe with predominant Belgium and acid.

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Many thanks! Added Brew Milano to the map. I think we’ll stay in the city, as we need to take it easy this trip.

I’m Italian, I wouldnt waste a full day to go to Genova.
If you would like to visit a big city for a one day trip, Torino or Verona are the best options.

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It was recommended by a friend for a traditional, port city experience, as this is my partner’s first time in the country. Plus, we grew up on the Anime adaptation of Cuore :wink:
But we’ll stay in Dino Buzzati’s Milan.