Most wanted beer

We all have numerous beers that we would love to try. If you had a choice of any one (1) beer, what would it be? Not a continuous supply to drink if stranded on a desert island, but if you had a hypothetical friend who had access to all beers currently available, which one would you most want to try?

Cantillon Blåbær Lambik

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The obscure and undrinkable beer from Guinea Equatorial, because then I’d be the only one :grin:

I’ve always wanted to try the TG Stouts.

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Your wish may come true. Westchesterco and I are going to the Assassin release at the end of this month. And I have a bottle of Kentucky Brunch in my fridge.


Maybe that swedish one, the Narke whatever? Or that Russian River trippel that’s really high would be a personal want.

When are you guys back in town? I’ve got a bottle of Cycle. Only out bid May but mostly here for next couple of months

No firm plans, but first weekend in June and last in May are safe bets.

Cool! May still be on honeymoon in late may but should be back by June