New Heritage Series By Greene King

Just picked up two bottles of bottle conditioned Ale from my local Tesco from something called the Chevallier series.

It’s a really interesting concept. I will try the beers later in the week.

I don’t know of anything similar being done before. Anyone come across anything like this?

Could be that they have found a few pallets of old stock at the back of their warehouse!

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Thanks for the heads up, haven’t been to Tesco this year. Tesco here we come this evening.

Had the Suffolk Pale on cask last week.

Don’t get excited.

Tasted pretty much like all GK cask beers … that distinctive house yeast overpowering.

Cheers for the heads up.

I also note the link counter works on this thread. Lucky you.


I wonder whether the Chevallier moniker is related to the family of that name that (used to) own Aspall Cyder. If so, as Aspall have recently sold out to Molson Coors, perhaps Greene King can expect to receive a cease & desist notice before long?

I was expecting it to taste unexciting to be honest, but i do like these recreated recipe concepts and the use of a long gone malt grain more than makes up for another dull GK beer.

I suppose you could argue if they were that good in the first place they wouldn’t have been lost in history.

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I went to Tesco and I bought.

Greene King Heritage Suffolk Pale Ale
Greene King Heritage Vintage Fine Ale

Oh well, a rate is a rate.

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Oh and my 13 month old homebrew is tasting pretty good at the moment. A tangerine satsuma hoppy pale ale. Better than anything I bought in Tesco.

Just drinking the citrus IPA as I type. Quite a lot of Mandarin in it.
No Ripper in my two nearest stores, it’s the reason i went in the first place to try during the superbowl.

Chevallier is the old breed of barley grown in the 19th century that has been revived. Martin Cornell did an article on it… there’s some much more interesting beers than Green King taking part…

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There may be more interesting beers taking part, but are they available at Tesco?

My 2018 RB goals included not drinking any GreeneKing. Of course it was going to be broken, but this early?

Had both at the weekend. Interesting enough if you are in a Tesco to buy them no doubt. Wouldn’t have guessed from drinking them that they were GK beers.

If you see one on cask Ian, have a try.

I seem to be the only person who’s mentioned having one on cask and it was GK all over for me !

This was brewed using Chevalier malt some years ago…

Thanks for the link. Confirms the involvement of the Aspall Cyder family (in the original development of the variety) that I speculated on earlier.

At the time you posted this, no, I hadn’t. However Northern Monk have literally just started a new Patrons Project series this month doing a similar sort of thing. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’m far more likely to buy NM beers than I am GK.

The first beer is an IPA inspired by pale ale recipes 200-300 years old. Like GK, they are also using Chevalier Barley.

Might be one to seek out if you’re interested in this sort of thing. It’s available online now via their shop and several other retailers, presumably on at the Refectory too. Just added it to Ratebeer if you want more info it’s in the commercial description:

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For some reason southern supermarkets seem to get the beers mentioned on here much later than the North (which starts at Weybridge). The big Tesco in Byfleet didn’t have any of these on. Or the Caribbean beers I’ve seen people rating.

What Caribbean beers you’ve seen people rating???