Olde Suffolk.."Old 5X"?

I like Strong Suffolk when i can get it here in Oregon which used to be often but not so much now.
I was always curious about the “blurb” on this beer
"A blend of two ales: Old 5X , which is brewed to the maximum strength possible (around 12% abv) and left to mature in 100-barrel oak vats for a minimum of two years"

Have they ever thought of just releasing the “Old 5X” as a beer…sounds like it would be better than the mixtures?


Damn i did a cursory search and didnt find that.
Seems Brits like it and the rest ? Nah!

The 5X has been known to make the very occasional appearance at beer festivals. I guess they just draw off a cask or two from the big vat. It’s very annoyig if you do the brewery tour because they make a big thing of showing you the huge vat where they mature the 5X but don’t let you taste any.

I’m not sure that the blending beer - whatever it’s called - has ever been released.