Northernmost and Southernmost Brewery

What are the northernmost and southernmost breweries you have actually been to?

For me:

Aegir Bryggeri is northernmost

Bogota Beer Company (if it counts) is southernmost

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Not that impressive

Urban Brewing Dublin, Ireland
Olde Harbor Brewing, Puerto Rico

Been further north and much further south but not breweries, lots of drinking of course.

Northmost: Siren

Southernmost: Elusive


Both of mine are brewpubs

Northern - Moulin Inn Brewery nr Pitlochry in Scotland.

Southern - Blue Anchor at Helston in Cornwall

Does that depend on where you are in the brewery?


Hafendestillerie & Brauerei in Loitz and the Antoniter Brauerei in South Germany.

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Taking it seriously:

Northmost - Teerenpeli, Helsinki.

Southmost - Edited because I just remembered I have actually been to this place at least three times pre-RB - Alt-Oberurseler Brauhaus, Hesse.

Both brewpubs.

Northmost: True North Brew Pub, Stavanger Norway.
Southmost: Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Netherlands

After some pondering, Ithink it is:

Northernmost: Cold Bath Brewing, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Southernmost: Brewerkz Brewpub, Singapore

Northernmost: Svalbard Bryggeri (as north ad it gets)
Southernmost: Cerveceria Mamut Tijuana


Bryggeri 13, Tromso
Duque brewpub (if that counts), Lisbon.

Otherwise it’s probably Brooklyn Brewery New York. Have been further South but not to a brewery.


Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri, Ebeltoft, Denmark


Falkland Beerworks, Stanley, Falkland Islands


Most north is Tromsø Mikrobryggeri in Norway.

South must be Little Creatures, Australia

Northernmost is the now defunked Nordkapp Mikrobryggeri, at the time of visit this was the northerrnmost in the world, located in Honingsvåg near North Cape at 70.9822885 degrees north

Southernmost probably Renaissance in Blenheim, Marlborough, NZ at -41.5270216 degrees south.


Interesting topic

Northern most - Brasserie de Metropole in St. Petersburg, Russia for my 40th birthday

Southern most - Harrington Brewery in Christchurch, New Zealand nearly 20 years ago, I just turned up & was given a tour and tastings by the owner


Northern most… prolly BingoHame England but I don’t remember the name of it. I’m going with De Molen

Southern most ??? Titanic Brewery Coral Gables, flo - rida

an unimpressive swing of 26.37 degrees

Northernmost: Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage, Alaska (61.21794397460378, -149.8968623763191)
Northernmost Europe: Isle of Sky, Scotland (57.58677, -6.37771)

Southernmost: The Brewery (Cassels), Christchurch NZ -43.55677, 172.68035
Southernmost not-NZ: The Cayman Islands Brewery, Cayman Islands. (19.277802359642155, -81.33548252314777)

I thought for sure the southernmost would be Dunedin NZ but apparently we only made it to bars there - primary reason for visiting was penguins and rugby!

I was just thinking about Glacier this week - Glacier and Pelican in Oregon had some of the best chowders I have had.


W:Brew moon :latin_cross:Honolulu HI
E:Good george,Hamilton,NZ


Silver Gulch Brewing, Fox AK
64.95817899838227, -147.62134361892285

St John Brewers, St John
18.33282860499177, -64.79211910321395

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I remember reading this article a few years ago that lists the extreme breweries in continental US. It’s 3 years old I wonder if still accurate although hard to get any further in some of directions

Northernmost -
Atwood Ales
Blaine, Washington

Southernmost -
First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery
Key West, Florida

Easternmost -
Lubec Brewing Company
Lubec, Maine

Westernmost -
Arch Rock Brewing
Gold Beach, Oregon

Full article with background on breweries and towns