Number of beer sorts per page

When I’m choosing beer style and click it, only 50 beer sorts shown, how can I watch all sorts of chosen style?

You just can’t…we are stuck with an old Top Beer page that also serves as a Beer Style page… if at least we could see all the beer per style (and at the same time, know how many beers are listed in that specific style), like BeerAdvocate

we have an updated page that can do a very good job with the sorting options, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the Beer style description and we are still stuck with the top50…and most people won’t even find the page URL at all

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Using the Advanced Search functionality is helpful, as it can narrow down top beers by area and other criteria.

So, and when all this will work 100%?

Yes but not all unfortunately
I remember about 2 years ago I could watch alphabetically all sorts of beers any styles

Probably never?
This has been available for years on the BeerAdvocate pages but Ratebeer never followed up… and we are still stuck to put the brewer’s name in the beer name instead of the system managing the search accordingly


Probably never? Mm?

Now remember that I’ve watched all sorts of one style on Beeradvocate
It would be cool if RB make so

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