Pinter - All-in-one Brewing System and Draught Pourer

Hi everyone, my name is Riaz and I’m from Pinter, a UK based company looking to fly the flag across the pond. I was wondering whether I could have some advice as we’re looking to launch a Kickstarter for our US launch.

A little about us:

We recently launched the third iteration of the Pinter - a device that gives you 12 US pints of draught poured self-made Fresh Beer at home. A Pinter is an all-in-one (pressure fermentation) brewing vessel and draught pourer using naturally produced CO2. It’s quite straightforward to use - just add in water and one of our Pinter Packs, let it ferment and condition, then tap at home all from the same vessel!

If you want to see it in action, our Senior Design Engineer goes in-depth into how it works here - Introducing Pinter 3 and Active Pour Tap - YouTube

To help us build our Kickstarter, could I get your thoughts on the below?

  1. What aspect of the product concept appeals most to you?
  2. What colour Pinter do you prefer (Deep Grey, Electric Blue, Rich Red)?
  3. What beer and cider styles would you most like to see available in the US? We’re looking to develop a new range specifically for the US so I’m really keen to hear.

If you’d prefer to answer privately, feel free to message me.

Of course feel free to ask any questions about the company and technology. If you want to hear when our Kickstarter goes live, sign up here and I’ll drop you a note!

Thanks a lot everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Personally, it’s not a device I would use very often as I like to try many different beers, and I don’t often have enough people over to get through that much of the same beer.
  • I’d be broadly ambivalent but, if pressed, would likely opt for Deep Grey.
  • If it’s beer that would be drank in volume, I’d imagine something like American pale ale, IPA, perhaps a stout/porter.
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Thanks a lot for your feedback @Leighton !

A very fair point. Some people would want up to double that amount and others are in the same boat as you.

Lovely. We have these already so could look to launch something similar as a starting point.

Any chance you have some idea of other platforms we could post this to get more feedback as well?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Twitter. Lots of opinions flying around on there.

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I would like fresh made beer but not a prepackaged mix. Would I be able to add my own ingredients. I am assuming this is all dried malt extract but can I add my own DME, yeast, and hops? I would want to the beer to come out based on my own recipe.

That is really unimportant.

Again, I would like to customize the recipe.

This site is likely not your target audience. I am sure Americans want hoppy beer.

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Thanks for your feedback @beastiefan2k and sorry for the slow reply!

Some people like to brew their own wort and then continue the process in a Pinter, yes.

I agree and thanks again for this insight. We offer a range of beers, some of them hop forward, some yeast and some malt.

Our Kickstarter is now live! Feel free to ask any questions regarding the Pinter or our plans for a US launch.

Cheers :beer: