Pittsburgh advice

I’m going to be spending a long weekend in Pittsburgh in the very near future. I am interested in brewpub recommendations and bottle shops where I can purchase singles (I know how strange Pennsylvania law has traditionally been but some places do have them). I will have a car so will have no problem getting around the area. I am attending an event at Hop Farm so that’s one I’ll be at.

RB member cheap has given me some good leads but I thought I would start this topic and get some additional suggestions. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

What part of Pittsburgh? Fat Heads, Church, Hofbrauhaus, and Mindful. House of 1000 Beers for bottles.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be around Green Tree and Lawrenceville the most, but since I’ve driving I can get around to other parts of the area. We have Fat Heads and Hofbrauhaus in Ohio (not impressed by the latter) but Church, Mindful and House of 1000 Beers sound promising.

Also, cheap hates IPAs. If you like IPAs, there are some excellent (relatively) new breweries:

Dancing Gnome
Brew Gentlemen
(I think I am missing one that I had recently that was world class but will update if I remember)

I wouldn’t miss Strange Roots (formerly Draai Laag).

Yeah, cheap isn’t a fan of hoppy brews at all. If there’s a hell for him, he’ll be forced to drink Dogfish Head 120 Minutes IPA for all eternity LOL. He’s a pretty cool guy, though. I appreciate your suggestions.


In particular Dancing Gnome for IPAs and sours. Hitchhikers for stouts. Arsenal for ciders. East End if you prefer more old school styles.

Lolev is very close to Hop Farm and are producing really good beers considering they have been open less than a year. Coven is in that area too and although I am not a fan of them style wise everything is well crafted.

My favorites in Pittsburgh are probably Spoonwood and Grist House. Both do well across multiple styles.

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Since I’ve been fondly mentioned, I need to think about this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Regardless of my like for IPA: Check out the RB maps. Lots of cool brewpubs in Pgh area and I’ve been keeping up on updating the Pittsburgh and surrounding area maps!

Thanks for the additional information. I have just one last question: in general, do Pittsburgh area brewpubs offer flights? I know in Cincinnati, very few of the brewpubs refuse to offer flights.

Most do flights or allow the option to purchase individual 5oz or 8oz pours.

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I’m with froth on this!

Good to know. Thanks, guys.