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RateBeer Best Coming! January 22-29


Only thing which comes to my mind is that you’re accessing from some part of site which is handling things differently. Could you send me the link please?


Strangely enough the links only open from my phone. Getting the “This list is not yet currently available” from my PC.


I can open from mobile the list for Best reviewers of 2018 (which actually should be Most Ratings of 2018) but not the Best Beers in the world although both list become available on the 24th.
Seems they fixed that quite fast. If they only did the same with all those bugs around here…


Yeah, looks like it has been locked down now, none of the future stuff is opening for me.

A thanks for pointing this out would be nice. :smiley:


Glad to see 3 Sons won best “new” brewery (even if they might not be new) no surprise to those of us at MBCC 2018 - well deserved.

Certainly a memorable debut and pretty contrasting seeing the queue for their beers in the first session compared to the 3 subsequent sessions :slight_smile:

Hopefully they will be back for MBCC 2019.