RateBeer Best Coming! January 22-29

RateBeer Best, our annual awards program will be announced online Tuesday, January 22 through Tuesday January 29. Our top 100 brewers will be announced online on the final day, and live via webcast the preceeding evening from Portland, Oregon (USA). More details on the live webcast will be available at a later date. Those living or planning on visiting the Portland area are invited to attend this private event – food and beverages will be provided.

UPDATE: The event will take place at River Pig 529 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209. More details coming!


Tune in to our live event January 28 from 5.30 - 6.30 pm Pacific to hear the world’s top 100 brewers for the year 2018.

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That Luxembourg brewery looks awesome!

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The winner for Best New Brewer is a Florida gypsy brewery has been brewing beer since 2013. They won because they send a bunch of pastry stouts to MBCC this year.

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#12 New Brewer for 2018 Wayfinder Beer opened their doors in 2016.

They are opening a brewery soon but this is a joke. I guess Evil Twin NYC has a good chance of winning next year.

Ill have to wait to see I suppose since not on Facebook foolishly just joined RateBeer. What’s the Florida one you speak of?


Thanks never heard of them personally

On their page I only see beers that were added on 2018, were their previous beers from 2013 considered homebrews?

Same about this one, all beers on the database were added on 3rd quarter of 2017, so they’re eligible.

Oh I see now on Untappd they have beers from 2013 and there are bottled examples too.
So probably Ratebeer’s poor coverage had a major influence on this year’s awards…

^^^ This. Yes, they look new on RateBeer. They are not “new”.

3 Sons won “Best Brewer” at Hunahpu day in 2015. From what I can tell they’ve been legally operating and have had beers available since 2013. They’re in the process now if opening a brick and mortar brewery, which should open in 2019.

Wayfinder had a brick and mortar brewery up and running in 2016. No clue if their beers were available before that.


Despite the copy stating “available 24-29 January”, all the lists are already available (as of 23 January).

Kinda defeats the object of having a live announcement.

Hm I can’t access any future ones except top raters in 2018.



Edit: changed the screenshot to exclude the actual list


I have access only to the lists up to January 23rd.

Aren’t the “future” ones linking to the 2018 winners (not the 2019 winners)?

No. For example the “Best New Releases” (available 25 January) is a list of beers that were released in 2018.

And there is no Greek brewery among the best brewers in the world this time.

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