RateBeer Release Notes 1.4.3

I see some of you have already seen and used the new features! Hope you enjoy.

Version 1.4.3 | September 10, 2018

  1. Allow users to like individual reviews
  2. Populate Add a Beer style dropdown with dynamic list from DB
  3. Redesign the expanded Beer Card on Beer Profile page

You better put your releases note in the Site News forum, the “Uncategorized” forum is only accessible from mobile or you can access it only from recent feeds



Hey @joet thanks for this but just so you know, the parent styles are also appearing in this such as “Stouts and Porters”, “Anglo-American Ales”, “Hop-forward Beers”, “Lagers” and others. Might be a good idea to exclude those from the drop down :wink:

EDIT: woops never mind, just saw in the other thread that services is already aware of this issue.