Reduced English Ratings

My English ratings appear to have been reduced by around a dozen ratings, Fonefan appears to have lost many more. Anyone else out there and are they able to pinpoint if it is a Brewery that has been moved. I don’t think my total ratings has been reduced, so it may be just a moved brewery.

My county stats shows you with 805 Greater London beers 3 days ago, but 792 2 days ago. That’s 13, which is around a dozen in anyone’s money.
That same day, Fonefan’s Greater London dropped from 2239 to 2226 - again, 13 beers, seems connected. harrisoni dropped 10, cgarvie 2, madmitch only 1, leaparsons 14, Theydon_bois 12. (Note, they may have entered some the same day, which would makes the losses greater than these numbers.)

If you can think of a Greater London brewery that madmitch and craig avoid, but other keen tickers have about a dozen or so of, you might be able to identify the brewery. (Unless it’s a seriously dodgy rebadge shop, and huge swathes have been aliased together in one swell foop.)


Brilliant, thanks.

The biggest change in G.London is manvsbeer who lost 18, but superticker Leigton only lost 2-ish. Alas I’m not on the top 50, so have nothing to immediately compare to. This is weird. I just hope @services can help get to the bottom of this.

Well I’m confused now, I have been through every brewery where I had that many ratings or above (and a few just below), for London and they all match. I appear to have lost one Twickenham rating but that’s neither here nor there. So unless it’s across a few breweries I don’t know where to look next.

Any buy outs or realignment that could have changed a brewery affiliation to another location? It’s stuck in my head that it’s an address thing if overalls total rates haven’t changed.

I have lost 3 english ratings, all greater London. My overall ratings are not reduced. Is seems that 3 beers have been moved at in that proces not allocated to england/GreaterLondon. This has happend to a few new breweries in Schleswig/Holsten, and this was easily solved by german admin Jonas,

A week or two ago I listed London breweries which were just down as London and asked if they could be moved to the relevant borough. So if an Admin updated these maybe one went wrong?

I did that and everything was fine last week. It’s only this week this has happened. I have a few more thoughts that I need to check out.

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Okay, got it. It’s Lidl UK it appears that all the beers have been moved away from the London address.

Looks like a German Admin, for some reason has moved all the beers associated to Lidl UK to Lidl Europe, based in Baden Wurttemberg in Germany, so you will all see your German ratings rise.
Obviously this was done without UK Admin knowledge. I’m blowed if I can be bothered to move them back. This is the problem when a Supermarket chain is named as the brewery, I was always against this. It should be the Brewery that has the beer associated to it and the Supermarket just named in the title in my view.
It is what it is now.


Shame it wasn’t Saxony Anhalt, still to get my first rating from there.

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Well, not a brewery but a Commissioner, but yeah. That was done because it wasn’t always obvious where they are brewed and because they are brewed at numerous locations.

This should not have happened, not without a major discussion anyway.

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Fuck it, I’ll sort that shit out later in the day once I get the time. Hopefully Google will have saved the former states of various Lidls in cache so that this can be undone without hassle.

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Agree that it shouldn’t have happened, but at least it isn’t a game changer, just makes our database a little less accurate.
The issue for me was finding out what had happened to the missing English ratings, this is a major deal to some of our more fastidious raters and id we didn’t have the answer it looks embarrassing to us.

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To be honest, with these supermarket setups, they’ll buy from anyone who will produce, it doesn’t matter to them where it’s brewed, only the bottom line is important. So why should we care that much? Brewed by Don’t-Know-Don’t-Care-Brau works for me! (Although sometimes it’s fun to have a laugh with your fellow stupids about how you knew in advance that the Van Puke was going to be terrible!) So the decrease in accuracy is mostly infinitesimal. Don’t sweat it!

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But the annoying thing is it’s given the supermarket even when it clearly says on the can who brews it. Like an Adnams one that literally says ‘brewed in Suffolk by Adnams’ but is down for the M&S HQ in London


Completely agree, however I now understand that this situation may be re looked at now we have had this issue.


34 of my 79 Baden Wurttemberg rates are from Lidl (some are actually German). I like checking out cheap supermarket beers, you often come across a decent brew.

The whole issue with supermarket beers does need looking at in my opinion, I remember having a chat about why it was done this way with @chriso some years ago and he explained it all to me in a thread on here and I saw the logic in the system. Trader Joes, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, the list is huge and a global one, good luck if anyone wants to change it.


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Moved the UK entries I could find back pending some actual discussion about the issue. The place’s additionally mess because the admin responsible removed “Lidl” from beer names where it made sense and where it didn’t, making some beers completely unsearchable… fuck.

I mean, I wish he’d consulted with anyone before doing this.