Ridgeside Nothing but the rain

I have two cans of Ridgeside “Nothing But The Rain”, both 0.5%. One says “dryhopped with ekuanot, chinnook and taiheke”, the other is “dryhopped with simcoe and bravo”. The first one has the same label as this one: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/ridgeside-nothing-but-the-rain-2019/788852/

Clearly two seperate entries… is the second one the new entry? Hope you can help!


Hi Martin. Yes they are certainly different beers and require different entries. Could you name the hops in the title when you add it please.


Hi Glen,
so I should add them both (mentioning the hops)?

I have altered the one already on the site, so just add the other please.

didn’t see that, so I screwed it up… have sent corrections. Thanks!

I think there are at least five or six versions of this by now…