Sake identification

Can anyone identify this sake? My neighbor was cleaning out her ex-husband’s liquor stash and she gave me this but I have no idea what it is or who the producer is so I can see if it’s in the database or if I have to add it.

Google translate off the back label image gives:

Refined sake selection Honjozo
Alcohol content/15% to 16% Ingredients/rice, rice koji, brewed alcohol
Rice polishing ratio/65%
Capacity 720ml
*You must be 20 years old to drink alcohol. *Avoid drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
*When warming sake, be sure to remove the stopper and warm the sake with lukewarm water. Sudden heat may cause damage
Thank you.
*Please keep in a cool and dark place and consume as soon as possible. Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd. 5-12 Shimbashi, Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture
Year of manufacture 57 5

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If ratebeerians cannot help, try the sake subreddit. I have had mixed success.

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I actually went there first. I had two bottles I needed help identifying and they came through on one of them, but not this one. I at least know the producer thanks to the above poster.

Not 100% sure, but danlo’s translation does seem to match with this one quite well maybe?:

I don’t speak or read Japanese either but I’m always up for a challenging internet search. In case it helps you or anyone else searching, here’s a full transcription of the reverse sticker thanks to Google Translate app on my phone.

清酒上撰 本醸造
精米歩合 / 65%
容量 720ml

※お燗の際は必ず栓を取り、ぬるま湯からお 燗をして下さい。 急熱すると破損の恐れが ございます。

原酒造株式会社 新潟県柏崎市新橋5-12
製造年月 07 5

The translation danlo posted above has fudged the date (should be 07 5 as you can see) but is otherwise the same as what I got in the app. In Japanese date notation I believe that’s May 2007, meaning you have a 16 year old bottle there, which is why it’s proving difficult to find anything even in a Google image search. Judging by the fancy bottle/artwork it could have possibly been a one off special?

If anyone wants to try combing various Japanese phrases for Google searches here are the relevant terms:
原酒造 = Hara Shuzo Brewery
本醸造 = Honjozo

Combining those got me to the brewery’s shop on which the following is currently the only bottle (actually a barrel) of Honjozo they have. It has the same polishing rate and other details

Assuming Google Translate is accurate that’s:
Koshi no Homare Josen Honjozo - 15% ABV

I don’t know if it’s the same as what you have given the apparent old age of the bottle. But it’d be my best guess. Feel free to pass this post on to any Sake experts who might be able to help better identify it with that info.