Gekkeikan sake identification help

Yet another sake identification request to add to the Japan forum. Hoping someone can help!

I have a bottle of Gekkeikan sake (RB link: but the problem is there is no name on it. I’ve browsed their Japanese website (with Google’s help), AND the website of their American subsidiary but couldn’t find matching bottles on either of them.

The bottle I have is definitely from the Japanese brewery rather than the American one, but apart from that all I know is it’s 14.5% ABV. The European importer (I bought this in the UK) is a Dutch company, Lucullus B.V., and the label on the back is therefore in Dutch, but after translating that it’s literally just serving suggestions rather than anything about the beverage itself. It doesn’t even give the polishing rate.

“Gekkeikan Traditional Sake” is what they’ve called it but I don’t know what traditional means in this context, and in any case there isn’t any sake by this name in our database. The only other English text on the label is their tagline “The Superior Japanese Sake”.

On a semi-related note, I see that someone added using said tagline, and it’s the same ABV. I wonder if this person had the same bottle I do and thought that was its name? How would I know if mine is a Junmai style? Unfortunately they didn’t add a picture so who knows… but here’s pics of my bottle:


Searching by the barcode reveals a number of hits on European websites where it is listed as Junmai, for example,


This is on Gekkeikan’s website:

Looks like the same thing

Yes I’d found as much but unfortunately got no further as to a proper name.

However that last link you posted is promising! Looks similar to my bottle other than the neck label (I assume only on the 720ml version) and surprisingly it’s from their American website which makes me wonder if the Dutch importer has this wrong and maybe it’s an American sake after all?
Currently there’s no 14.5% “traditional sake” on the American Gekkeikan in our database yet. Either has had its ABV reduced or it’s a new variant. I’m still none the wiser.