Japanese Identification help please

A friend of mine has kindly brought back four beers from her cycling holiday, I have found two of the bottles on the site but can’t find these two; any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The second beer appears to be this: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/umenishiki-pilsner/28909/

The first beer’s brewery doesn’t seem to be on the Ratebeer data base, let alone the actual beer. Please may I ask for a Japanese Admin (or someone kind) to add the brewery and I will add the beer I have.

Thank you.



Teshigoto brewing

Select translate to English

They have a website with all you need to know to add brewery

There’s really enough admin work out there without us having to add breweries for folks!

Brewery name: Teshigoto
Address: Ryūgyoku Mansion, 1 Chome-1, Saijō-chō
Town: Higashihiroshima
Postal code: 739-0025
Country: Japan
Region: Hiroshima
web site: https://teshigoto-brewery.stores.jp/
insta: teshigoto_brewery

If you will be adding it.

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I did just that, but my old Lap Top ‘translate to English’ found it too difficult and refused to do the deed.

I will however add it using Marko’s information.


Thank you @Marko, the brewery and beer are now added to the database; sharing the beer on 21st June with @minutemat and a sample to @grumbo.