Salt Lake City

If someone is up for a beer tomorrow or the day after shoot me a message at ‭+1 (720) 690-4101‬


Similar to Belfast&Dublin earlier this year I’ll be right behind you by about a month. My trip is quick so I’ll hit only a place or two in SAlt Lake, then randomly probably Suds Brothers in Evanston WY, then maybe a brewpub or two in Vernon Utah. I won’t plan to but be interesting to see if hit same spots as you and drink same beer as happened so often in Emerald Isle.

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Sorry I couldn’t meet up with you, I’m in Florida.

Let me know when your planning on being in SLC, I’ll try to meet up with you.


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Thanks for letting me know. I did know you were out of town, but was hoping someone else was around. Nevermind, there’s always next time.