Scotland's Favourite Son/Admin Returns

Went to London for a year, but ended up staying for some 10 years more…
Was only gonna rate 1000 beers, but ended up rating 18000…

Gonna miss all those southern softies, especially the Ldn tasting crew.

I am now to be found roaming the highlands in an attempt to reclaim my Scottishness.



Have a great time up there, should see you pressurising Craig for Scottish top spot any day soon.:grinning:

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Ha. Zero chance of that happening!

Cheers Paul, hope it all goes well for you and Lorna, and you never know, I may make it to BrewDog AGM next year.

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Scopey just upsized?

welcome home

We will miss you scopey. The union of nations in the London team has been broken. Application period is now open. Must be Scottish. Pervert undesirable but we have been known to accept exceptions.

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hope the move went well, definitely would be up for doing agm next yr, have those 4 bars to tackle now :wink: