Scotsman Oslo

I noticed the place is retired and has a little bit different address than it has now. Should this be added as a new place or should we bring back the old place?

Google link to the new place:
RB’s retired place:
Untappd link: The Scotsman - Oslo, Oslo - Beer Menu on Untappd

New location, but I have not visited the newly opened one. Same beer selection? Totally new location and not the same ambience. I would say new entry.

Just checked the menu on UT. Well, nothing too exciting…

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Frå Facebook sida:
Scotsman har flyttet til Karl Johans gate 35 og vil åpne igjen i midten av mars.
Vi ser frem til å ønske deg velkommen for gode stunder!

Er flytting grunn nok til ny listing, kor mange forskjellige Haandbryggeriet skulle vi hatt i Drammen? :joy:

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Vi har to i Drammen. Ikkje ofte at ein pub flytter, og samtidig beholder namnet og har same eigar. Blir uansett ein ny puboppleving med nytt lokale.

New location = new entry, retiring the old one.

Due to people not sticking to that rule we have had plenty of Frankenstein entries describing wildly different places that happened to bear the same name… The “oh but it didn’t change much in this case” exceptions are irrelevant, just enjoy your new tick :smiley:

Any different rules may have existed in early 00s when people were saving on special characters even to save bandwidth or something… and there’s still damage because of them (group entries for chains).


You may safely say that - mostly the usual Ringnes portfolio, but there are a few bottled / canned craft beers, so the new Scotsman probably deserves a new listing in “Places”. We can always hope that when the new location is properly established, they will find out that there actually is money in stocking a few more craft beers, even on tap.

Ain’t gonna create new topic, but will use that one. Does anyone know what beer might refer to?
In Hasle Linie Gastropub we had Hasle Session IPA (Hasle Session IPA - Hasle Linie Gastropub - Untappd). Their menu doesn’t specify the brewery:
Suspecting some rebadge of something macro.

I have noticed that Hasle Linie have their own house beers. It is certainly not a brewpub, but I have no idea who brews them. Maybe Amundsen? I can send a email to Hasle Linie and ask.

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I’d guess Nydalen, which was the case with the Hasle Pale Summer in 2022. And - like with Amundsen - they are within the same group of companies (Akershus-gruppen)

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Bryggeri er ein ting, eit anna spørsmål er om ølet i mange tilfeller bare er alias av eksisterande øl fra Amundsen eller Nydalen

It is Amundsen beer @Marduk
I have listed them on RB
If they are alias…hmmm. Who knows…
Amundsen Hasle Weiss • RateBeer
Amundsen Hasle Session • RateBeer

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Still no answer from Hasle….

Dream on…

Skal til Oslo neste uke. Mulig jeg rekke å kjøre innom der…

I added the place:

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