Scottish ID help please

I have in front of me a bottle of McEwan’s Headspace, a 5.8%ABV Scotch Whisky Beer. Is it a re-badge of this?


From UT:

McEwan’s Champion blended with Scottish Whiskey. Previously known as McEwan’s Champion Whiskey Edition. This is the version now brewed by Marston’s following divestiture from Charles Wells.

OK, can a UK Admin type give the new beer name an ‘alias’ to slot into the original beer please. Or if brewed at a new site, is it a new beer?

I will just drink my own ‘Headspace’ at a BBQ on Sunday, take notes and see what answers turn up on this thread.


@Scopey for all your Admin needs!

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Bit slow on the uptake… But sorted it now - cheers!

Thanks Scopey.