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Could someone take a look at Tempest Brewing please; https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/tempest/11646/

There are two listing for Their Little White Cloud, mine and another. Might be some other duplicates to Our?


To complicate matters the picture for Tempest Brew Co Little White Cloud clearly says gooseberry edition, which is another entry.

Sounds like a job for @Scopey

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And then to complicate matters even further. Tempest’s website only has mention of the Gooseberry edition.

Looking at checkin photos on Untappd on both editions, it seems even on the “normal” edition many people are checking in the gooseberry one by mistake. However, on that one there are people checking in from pubs and showing the pump clip which makes no mention whatsoever of gooseberries, so it does appear to be a real beer.

Based on this unscientific research I’ve just done, I’d hazard a guess that the “normal” edition is a cask/keg-only offering while the gooseberry edition is bottled.

Curiously, Tempest’s website gives an ABV of just 2.8% on the gooseberry one, either a mistake or a very recent change as no entry on RB or Untappd has this figure.

My gut feeling would be that a merge is due for https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/tempest-brew-co-little-white-cloud/483053/ and https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/tempest-little-white-cloud/532170/ and replace pic with the actual standard pump clip (http://www.guestales.co.uk/tempest/resource/catalogue/tempestlittlewhitecloud.jpg). And leave the gooseberry one alone.

Oh Jezza… not really sure why this was missed. Was verified by a rogue admin. Will get it sorted.

Yeah essentially the base beer is not being brewed at the moment. & yes I think that version was draught only. The gooseberry version is the main one now in bottle and draught.

I have tried replacing the picture for the original one (which I remember I tried a while back also)… Let’s see if it works.

Cheers Mate.