The new Ratebeer app is great

The new app has ruined Ratebeer for me. It is absolute shite. I can’t even begin to list all the issues it has. The previous one I was using was so far superior, why couldn’t it just be developed.

I think has made enough money that could be used for app development.

I let my paid subscription to lapse and now only rate beer when I’m near a computer.

Nice going, Ratebeer.







Paging @adamnowek and @herrklemann for a proper whine thread.


It certainly is no Big Cheese.

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It’s amusing that you’re having this rant now, after they’ve added a bunch of features. Remember when it is was first released and you couldn’t even use it to rate a beer? Now that was something to complain about.


To save retyping

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Why do you even need an app. Just use the website on your phone.


I removed the (CR)App from my phone long time ago and it probably never will be installed again.
The web on my phone works fine for me to tag the beers when I am out and then writhe on pc when I get home.
In my oppinion there is no need for an app.
I wish they had put more effort into fixing the web, that is more important. To have a good tool for searching and planning. As well as good place info and statistics and much more is so important. When it comes to that RB is great and I hope they will raise again.


Totally disagree.
Its far easier to have 6 beers open in an app than 6 tabs

On Erics and comming to the new app you can rate off line when the beer doesnt exist on DB or that Cellar bar doesnt have any internet

The nearby places using the GPs has been grreat for traveling to see whats near me
I never use the site when outside to rate always the app

and most importantly an app never loses anything you type if you accidentally hit the back button,


I’ll admit that the app is getting better (to the point where I’ve actually started using it when I’m out at a bar), but it’s bizarre that you have to give scores before you write a rating. There’s still so many things it needs, though:

  • You should be able to access the same information from your profile (e.g., countries, regions, breweries) in the app
  • You should be able to search for things besides beer names (e.g., for breweries, for users, for places)
  • Search doesn’t work like it does on the website; it is significantly harder to find things, especially when I’m unsure of the spelling (pretty important for the European beer drinker because you’re often looking for beers in a foreign language)
  • You should also be able to search for beers within a brewery
  • You should be able to add beers or make suggestions for edits from within the app

It’s definitely gotten a lot better since they added the ability to rate beers normally as well as the barcode scanner. It’s still not as good as Beer Buddy, though.


This is true.

Or written on a board and almost unreadable :slight_smile:

But you should feed that back, via the app, as ive been trying to get them to see its not trustworthy

but they have stats saying 90% people finding stuff first time
where as im still often getting there is no results and it turns out beer still exists

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Well, you can add beers now, sort of - the link from the app jumps you out to the website though. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Hey Alex,

We’d love for you to share feedback on the issues you have. We work hard each week to improve the app and take user feedback to heart. The best way to tell us how to improve or to tell us what you don’t like via the Leave Feedback button on the Help screen (? in the upper right on the start screen).

Sorry it hasn’t provided what you’re looking for so far!

? I move back and forth a lot on my iphone6 and I don’t think I’ve lost anything.

If the search function fails to find beers that are listed then that functionality is as good as the website!

I don’t think the site search fails to find beers - I think that the enterer and the searcher have different concepts of what the beer ID is. Sometimes large type/hype on a label isn’t really part of the beer name in the view of some. Or so it seems to me. When a beer ID is really long putting in the first and last words may fail - but that’s something the searcher just needs to be aware of.

I suggest trying to find “stone IPA” on the site search.


If a Search on the website returns results, then i think its reasonable to expect the app to return the same results

But if you type
Cloud water citra in stead of Cloudwater it gives 20+ on the Website and tells you there are none on the APP.

Thats Massively flawed

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