US Secret Santa

Are there any rules other than send person below $55 of beer by such date? Shall be post haul pics?

I’ll post a pic.

Here’s my most generous haul from Nimbleprop, thank you kind sir!


Just got a great box from Trapped-thanks!! I’m running behind on getting mine out but will be en route first thing next week to Mansquito.


Nice to see all the boxes! Mine will be going out tomorrow or at latest on Tuesday (if I truly must break the rules), but alas hopefully tomorrow.

I think the rules can be bent.

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My box arrived, packed neatly. Looking forward to the New York beers.


To be fair 2 are PA and one is NJ, but I hope you enjoy!

Thanks @wchesser


@mansquito, you’re welcome! Glad they are all safe and sound! Enjoy and thanks for the patience.

I am forgetful and neglected to include this in my haul picture:

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@mansquito I see that crim casebook! You a 1L?

At this point, quite a few years ago. I am a 4th year associate at a firm. I leave my casebooks in my office. That said, I took crimlaw as a 3L.

Cool. Crim is a required 1L course for us.

Of course my last semester I’m doing 2 crim classes plus a clinic. Guess what I want to do when I graduate!