Visiting Sweden ( Again ) Looking for co-drinkers and IP trades!

Hey all,

I’m returning to Sweden, as I had an amazing time last time I was there. Again going only to Stockholm for now.
Anyone up for a meeting, sharing a beer, doing a trade, … please PM me ( don’t reply here, I gave up on reading the shitty new forums long ago ) .

Not looking for something specific, or trading away something specific. I have a wide interest and a big cellar, so tell me what you’re after and offering :wink: I’m visiting from Belgium, so lambics are possible, but please don’t only ask limited / retired cantillon and 3f .

Also, on a sidenote, i’ll be going to Riga.
Can’t find a regional forum for that place, but perhaps some people of Sweden, know some people from Riga ?

Dates :
Riga 9 - 12 of August ( hosting an event the evening of 10 )
Stockholm : 12 - 15 of August. ( participating an exam during the day of 13th )

Rest of the time is ready to be filled up wirth awesomeness !

cheers !

Gbg is da place;)