What does the verified check mean

I see it on some beers and not on others. What does it mean? Just curious.


It means an admin has checked the entry and believes it should be on the site.

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And in theory the general details should have been checked such as spelling (otherwise can hamper a search) and style details etc.

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Wait what? Non-admins are not supposed to see that.

@joet @services since when is this visible to regular users?

Before checking it an admin is supposed to check if the beer/etc. exists, that it’s not a duplicate, that it’s a legitimate entry and fill up as many details as are available at that point. That’s sadly not always done by everyone, some slip through the cracks too, especially when a brewery has tons of ratings. But in general what @explosivedog said - it means that an admin has checked it and considers it to be a legitimate entry.


You can also these day filer a brewery page by verified status. I think this is fine - it’ understandable that there is more confidence in a beer’s entry after it’s been checked and that not all beer have yet been checked.Letting users see that seems all right.

As long as the clickable checker isn’t accessible to non-admins in the brewer listing and options, it’s not bad.

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