What's this bollox?

I have just been onto the site to rate a beer and saw this as a rate: This is an automated comment from my BeerBuddy account because it now requires me to leave a 75 charater review in order to log my beers. CHEERS! �� —Rated via Beer Buddy for iPhone

I just wonder what is actually going on with RateBeer and people who can’t be arsed to write anything about a beer but want the ‘rate’ or whatever it is they crave.



Untappd mentality, just ticking. To lazy to find a few words of description. Our fast-paced Lifestyle now a days doesn’t allow us to spend thirty seconds to type 75 letters :wink:

It sucks but I think we can’t do anything against it if we want to attract new users. Sadly… :frowning:


Yeah i like what having to rate has done for me, but i dont think we need force everyone to.

We shoull all be able to enjoy beer our own way. Weve always had reviews that didnt say very much.

But times have definitly changed and RB need to move with them or become redundant.

I dont see any problem with those that dont want to write something not doing so. It not gonna stop those of us that want to from doing so. If you want to read others reviews they will still be there. So i dont see why some that dont have words to go with them should be an issue. Its not taking away anythign from you, its just adding more info from people that dont want to write reviews.

It means more rates. therefor more ino in DB, more beers added etc

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They’re noise, and as such they reduce the quality of the signal. Apparently, that’s the future, all part of the plan.

Can/will admins turn them into ticks, as that’s all they are?

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Why are they noise. Why is someone who doesnt write words less valid that some one who does.

If you want noise less data. We need a massive list of rules

minimum pour size,
Maximum numbers of a beers per hour
No food

Every rating has some element of external influence.
so saying that someone who doesnt write 75 words opinion is less valid that some one who did but had a curry with the beer, or had had an imperial stout before that lager, or had had a shitty day at work. just doesnt make any sense

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They’re noise as they take up bandwidth, but do not add significant signal. That’s the definition of noise.
What of value is added by their existence?

Because there are ticks for that. Do you support those who did “it is what it is…” too? At least that wasn’t passive aggressive and whiney: “because it now requires me to leave a 75 charater review in order to log my beers” is bullshit and attempts to divert blame for laziness onto RateBeer - we’ve had ticks that permit such text-free logging for longer than the 75 character limit.

Straw man. That’s demanding more signal than most people have ever put in their reviews. Nobody’s demanding more than before.

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II dont know the review in discussion as it wasnt mentioned.
But it may before Ticks

Or it may be when ticks(as they still on Web ) are Whole points only

If its got a score of 3.4 and no text or even rubbish text as they cant score 3.4 anyother way its not noise its data

As it tells me something i didnt know before
Yeah i like usefull text. Great when its there. But given that 99% of time i only look at weighted average. Every one tht leaves a score i good. Esp as we have so many beers with No reviews at all

And what value is someone who just says that every beer is shit adding?

Personally I’d say that no comment is a lot more helpful than the majority of the notes made on this website

My biggest concern is that in a way having a minimum character limit to rate, filters out the users who can’t be bothered to write a review. In a lot of cases these same people may also not be bothered about ensuring they are ticking the right beer or giving an honest thought out score.

Just look at the untappd app. So many of these beers are ticked on whatever is the closest fit based on minimum effort to check it’s the right beer.

As long as there’s only a few of those, I’m all in favour of ignoring it or converting them to ticks. But if this takes over, and we have to search for meaningful ratings between whining placeholder text likes this, it’ll be shit.

I have seen these kinds of ratings as long as I have been a member of Ratebeer. I would actually expect it to occur less often now, as ticks are given more status than before. You can more easily search your ticks/private ratings, they count for personal stats I think (e.g. how many beers of a brewery or a style you have had), etc.

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I became really disheartened when ticks carried the same weight as ratings on here and dropped to virtually nonsense ratings myself for a week. I didn’t enjoy it and have since reverted to rating if in a somewhat reduced manner. It’s a personal pride thing for me but if some members get away with nonsense ratings from time to time then so be it I suppose as long as people are taking part.

to me, it does not matter.

If people want to quote a book, movie or just write random letters I dont care.

There are incredibly many rates that are just stories, quotes, copy/pastes.

Agree 100%


I’ve seen a number of users who do this. Unfortunately I cannot remember one of their usernames or which beers I saw them on. But I went through their profiles, both were consistent with what they were doing, and I think there is a problem that both RateBeer and BeerBuddy need to address here. It’s really annoying to see. And I doubt joet appreciates it given how bad and unprofessional it makes Ratebeer look.

User 1: Makes a simple comment such as “This is a great beer.” then copies and pastes it over and over again until he hits the 75 character limit. His rating scores appear to suggest he’s actually assigning a proper score to the beer, but is simply too lazy to write a review. If we took the 75 char limit away his useless text which adds no value to the site for visitors would be hidden and private. https://www.ratebeer.com/user/514504/

User 2: Literally just spammed random keys until he hit 75 chars, for example: “sfhdgdshgjfsdfdsfdsghsdfghdsfdhgsfshdg”. Almost all of his scores were exactly 3, suggesting they were most likely ticks rather than ratings.

Simple solution to this problem in my opinion:

  1. RateBeer needs to drop the 75 character limit altogether. Now that ticks have been merged it is useless. Simply give less weighting to ticks and ratings with less than 75 chars.
  2. BeerBuddy should not enforce a 75 character limit either. Handle it like the official app does. >75 = proper rating. <75 = private/tick.

And who the hell let this idiot on Ratebeer? He just copies and pastes the commercial description! https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/cigar-city-hunahpus-imperial-stout/97078/954/




Don’t forget that User 0 of course was the “it is what it is … … … … … … …” guy.
User 3, I noticed recently, was simply quoting blocks of text from literature, or irrelevant websites.

The silly thing is that 75 characters is such a small number it’s almost as much effort to create a bogus review as it is to create a very lightweight review. Just mentioning whether it was tap of bottle, where you had it, and whether you liked it, perhaps whether you’d have it again - stuff requiring no more than your lizard brain - takes you most of the way to that limit, and it then only takes a few words to describe why you liked it, which might actually require verbalising thoughts.

Noticed this too, if I remember correctly it was a Canadian user, a username I didn’t recognise - one thing in common is none of them appear to use the forums so are isolated from the community somewhat.

Exactly, why do people go to such lenghts / such effort to create a bogus rating, while we have ticks for the lazy and less than lizard-brains and it indeed takes less effort to write a lightweight review as you call it. Weird and very annoying.